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Door Prizes & Mailing List

We have found that our very best advertising media is the mailing of post cards to people that have attended our shows before. To encourage attendee's to register and thereby help us to develop a mailing list, our dealers donate items from their inventory to be given as door prizes.

We draw for a door prize each hour on the hour. You must be present to win these hourly door prizes.

We draw for a Grand Prize at the end of the show on the last day approximately 15 minutes before closing time. You do not have to be present to win the Grand Prize. Before drawing for the Grand Prize we put all the hourly prize winners registration slips back into the registration box and mix them up real good so that everyone will have an equal chance at the Grand Prize. The name drawn for the Grand Prize must have a valid address on the registration slip and must be printed. We will contact the winner to verify that we have a good address and then ship the Grand Prize to them insured with a signature and identification required at delivery.

Must be age 16 or older to register. All registration slips must be printed and must contain a valid mailing address. The absence of a valid mailing address or a registration that is unreadable will be disqualified.

We no longer have registration for the children. We do have various contest for the children.

We do not sell registration addresses to anyone. We do not give registration addresses to the dealers. If the dealers obtain your address, they must get it from you.

The only thing you will ever get is a show announcement postcard from us.

We will send you a show announcement postcard approximately three weeks before the next show in your area.

Once you are on our mailing list you will stay on the list for a minimum of two years. If you don't attend a show in the second year, your name will be dropped from our mailing list.

If your win a door prize, Please take the time to find the dealer that donated the prize and thank them. It is their generousity that made this gift to you possible. If you would like more information about your gift such as what kind of stone or it's origin, the dealer will be glad to answer these questions.

Print Clearly and include a valid mailing address.

We all want to thank you for attending our show!


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